About ELocker


What We’re About

ELocker cares about learner, employer and citizen success. We care about removing the obstacles along the credentials-to-employment pathway. We care about matching the aspirations of individuals to their accomplishments because we have leveraged the power of analytics to inform the journey.

Secure & Portable

Our integrated service platform provides a secure, portable record of achievement for students and professionals that helps them maximize the value of their academic credentials, talents and interests.

Smart Data

We use data analytics to enable targeted connections between individuals and best-matched educational and career opportunities.

Unique Pathways

We work equally on behalf of every individual to assist them on their own unique educational and professional development pathway.


Case Scenarios

The Middle Schooler

STEM Summer Camp

The COllege Senior

Dream Job Uncovered

The Tech Co

Finders Keepers


Our Strategic Partners

ELocker Scenarios


The Middle Schooler

STEM Camp Inspiration

Imagine a middle schooler who finds out about a STEM summer camp at a nearby community college based on the information accruing in her ELocker. This opportunity likely wouldn’t have been on her parents’ radar, but the STEM camp might launch her journey in bioengineering as a vocation. Just as importantly, the camp might help her realize she’d like something else better.

Either way, absent ELocker, the opportunity to discover this would have passed her by, and she might have gone on to switch majors after starting college.


The College Senior

A Dream Job Unmissed

Imagine a college senior anxious about getting a job after graduation and not knowing the possibilities he should investigate. Many college seniors in his discipline would never to think to consider Acme, Inc., either, because he’d never heard of it or because his preconception that Acme, known for its athletic apparel, might need someone with an engineering degree in alternative energy.

With ELocker, this student would find, and be found by, Acme’s corporate subsidiary, Leviathan Energy, headquartered – as luck would have it – 20 miles away. ELocker makes Acme aware of the graduate and the graduate aware of Acme. He lands a job in state, keeping important talent in the metropolitan area.


The Tech Co

Finders Keepers

Imagine college and technical school graduates better prepared for employment because they possess the beyond-disciplinary skills employers demand and that cost them money to train for after hire.

Imagine that area employers begin to notice their new hire turnover rate dropping, saving them thousands of dollars per new employee. Imagine data that show unmet hiring needs dropping instead of rising.