For educators, ELocker provides easy digital transcripts, increases student engagement and expands connections with future students. 

Smart Connections

We use verified data to connect students and recent graduates with employment and further study opportunities.

Our service helps universities to market their talent pool more effectively and provides recruiters with a simple and efficient way to identify and engage with high potential students and graduates.

Tailored Target

Employers and recruiters are given access to a powerful matching engine that allows them to create highly specific candidate profiles to target for opportunities.

Our matching engine connects the best-suited candidates with targeted opportunities through email and text messaging.

Students then can use the streamlined application process to apply for the opportunity.

When I help my students try to reconstruct their high school years’ accomplishments, it’s difficult. I say to them that they should have kept better records, then I remember they are doing homework, attending school activities and having a life. I know if they had an electronic way of keeping school records, they would. They are so tech savvy and love technology. So ELocker is the answer; it is that virtual locker!
— Kim, high school business teacher

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